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Hi everyone my first published vegan recipe book is now available - praise God for His gift of cooking healthy meals and teaching others to do the same!! - the book is called 'Recipes for Optimum Health-HEALTHFUL COOKING' by Dr. Debra E.S. Williams - please purchase your printed copy at (US$30.00) or call my office at 876-974-8813 or 876-878-8867 to purchase if you are in Jamaica (JAD$4,500 - the first 100 copies will be sold for JAD$3,500 so call early 🙂)- thank you for your kind support - blessed love, Dr. Debs--

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Of all the people who contact me on a daily basis for help with health issues, I think the ones with hypertension (high blood pressure) top the list. In eight years (2012 to 2020) I have helped hundreds of people to improve their health, and hypertension has been high on the list. I have now put together a e-work book (Please note: it is not just a e-book, it is a e-work book), which is based on scientific evidence, case studies, client results, research etc.,  to help others who may be suffering from hypertension and its ill effects. Through this e-book you will learn the many causes of hypertension and how to reverse it (also prevention of it) on a whole foods plant-based diet, as you incorporate all the principles of the NEW START programme – nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance (self-control), air, rest and trust in God. You can have your own personal copy, as the work-book takes you through a 8-days detoxification programme, then into 22 days of Optimum Health with over 145 healthy vegetarian recipes. Together, we can ‘take the pressure out of high blood pressure’! –

 The e-work book has in many articles written by various health practitioners, doctors and nutritionist supporting natural methods of reversing hypertension without medication, shopping lists for health food store and the market, structured guidelines for how to do the 8-days detox and 22-days transition to eating for optimum health, vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, menu planning and food preparation, full information on the NEW START guidelines, testimonials, case studies, herbs for hypertension and how to use them safely,…and sooooo much more in over 239 pages of valuable health information!

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The information contained in this e-book is not considered nor intended as medical advice. Please see your Health Care Practitioner if you are experiencing health issues, including if you have been diagnosed with cancer or suspect you have cancer. The opinions expressed in this book are mine based on my personal experiences dealing with and recovering from breast cancer using God’s eight laws of health. For diagnosis, treatment or any other procedures including surgical medical advice, see your doctor. For healing, contact the Great Physician, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. (Psalm 103:1-3, Exodus 15:26).



Hello my friends,.....many of you have asked, so I set to work and compiled 103 of my top vegan/vegetarian health reform recipes into an E-book!!!....I have included in the Recipe E-book a section also on my journey out of breast cancer using the NEW START programme - Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God, and a section on Menu Planning and Meal Preparation.


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This third E-book, is a compilation of my most popular health articles from topics such as: Appendicitis, Optimum food for brain power, Breast cancer in men, Cholesterol lowering diet, Colon cancer, Constipation and natural cure, Depression and food, Diabetes-the cause and the cure, Eczema, Fibroids, Genital Warts & HPV, Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Hemorrhoids, Hypertension, Pancreatic Cancer …and much much more!!!


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In this E-book, I have researched, documented and presented the information on reversing and avoiding diabetes to you, in an easy and understandable way. This E-book comes from work I have done with clients who have been diabetic for 10-20 years on medication, and watched them following the principles of NEW START, come off the medication, lose weight where it was necessary, and regained a healthy life free of diabetes in a matter of weeks…praise God! This E-book is meant to be a work book, as I take you step by step on this programme of being free of this dreaded disease called diabetes. Included you will find healthy recipe options, the recommended herbal teas, hydrotherapy and so much more…….

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If you are interested in obtaining a copy the E-books, choose from either of the payment options below, then send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I will forward your E-book/s to you. God bless you all and thank you for supporting Life, Health & Foods Ministries - Debra


Once you have made the initial donation, please feel free to share the E-books with your family and friends. Approach health with a team effort – get two or three friends or family members, make a commitment to be a healthier you this year, and use these two E-books as coaching tools – God will help you to have good success, if you are willing to try!

Here is wishing for you all, a 'happy and healthy life'!
Dr. Debra Williams, ND 

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