Debra was born and grew up in Kingston Jamaica where she still resides. She came into the Christian faith in February 2007, at the pinnacle of her high profile business executive career. She is a trained professional banker with 21 years’ work experience spanning Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA and is presently (2014) pursuing Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine (DNOM) degree with the International Institute of Original Medicine (IIOM), Virginia, USA. Debra is the mother of one son Delano; she is presently a Medical Missionary and a Life style Educator and she attends Kencot SDA Church in Kingston.

Debra met Jesus Christ and completely fell in love with him in 2007 through her experience of praying for a friend who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Jesus became her Saviour, King, friend and new Chairman. Her career and job description were about to be rewritten by Him, but like nothing she could ever have imagined. The years 2007 to 2012 saw a complete transition from the corporate world to Bible studies, evangelism, Spiritual books distribution ministry, prayer group formations and winning souls for Christ’s Kingdom.

Then in April 2012 Debra was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer had spread from the breast into her lymph nodes under her left arm. She surgically removed the tumour in May and within nine (9) months (May 2012 to January 2013), with the help of God Almighty, she saw a complete reversal of her stage 2b advanced breast cancer by rebuilding her immune system with God’s eight laws of health (NEW START Programme – nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine temperance, air, rest and trust in God), so that her body could heal itself. She did not remove her breast and she opted not to do chemotherapy or radiation! She now shares her exciting journey with you through her book ‘When Faith in God is bigger than the fear of cancer” and the many articles on this website on how to live a healthy life with the blessings of the Lord.

God’s solution for health comes to us through His eight laws of health, formulated in the acronym NEW START. NEW START is a principle and guideline that comes to us from God in his written Word, the Bible. The influence of the Spirit of God is the very best medicine for disease.

In Jeremiah 33:6 we are told “Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth” – God’s heart desire is for his people to be healthy and he has laid out his health insurance policy from the beginning. God’s laws of Health are clearly outlined in Creation week:

Nutrition – Genesis 1:29

Exercise – Genesis 2:15

Water – Genesis 2:10

Sunshine – Genesis 1:16-18

Temperance – Genesis 2:16-17

Air – Genesis 1: 6-7

Rest – Genesis 2:1-3

Trust in God – Genesis 2:17 vs Genesis 3:4 (Adam and Eve failed this test)

As you read, it is our prayer that you will come away knowing Jesus Christ as our Great Healer and the Saviour of mankind.

“The world needs today what it needed nineteen hundred years ago – a revelation of Christ. A great work of reform is demanded, and it is only through the grace of Christ that the work of restoration, physical, mental and spiritual, can be accomplished” – Ministry of Healing, page 142, 143 (1905)

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